Our Team

Patrik Koželuha


Charles University Faculty of Law (Masters 2014, Ph.D. 2015 – till now)
University of Liège, Belgium (May 2017)
Court of Justice of the European Union – study internship (May 2013)

Main fields of expertise

Corporate Law, Law of Obligations, Labor Law, Insolvency Law, Immigration Law, Personal Data Protection

Language of provided services

Czech, English, French

Vocational exams

Bar Exam (with honors)

Membership in arbitral, vocational, professional and advisory institutions and boards

Czech Bar Association

Past working experience

Patrik is an attorney at Bříza & Trubač Attorneys at Law. Before starting his cooperation with Bříza & Trubač he worked for merely seven years at Schaffer & Partner Legal s.r.o., advokátní kancelář. He has also passed an internship with the Government of the Czech Republic (Conceptual and Institutional Department), where he participated in preparation of documents needed for negotiations within EU bodies and institutions.
Patrik focuses his practice primarily on corporate law, law of obligations, insolvency law and labor law. Patrik has extensive experience with contractual agenda, particularly with drafting of business contracts (including the contracts with international element) and drafting of general terms & conditions for both Czech and foreign clients. As to the insolvency law, Patrik has advised creditors in the insolvency proceedings and represented clients in incidental disputes. Furthermore, Patrik has provided the advisory in the field of labor law, including both drafting labor-law documentation as well as resolving (potential) labor law disputes.
Within his professional specialization, Patrik also focuses on legal aspects of the immigration (especially within international trade, i.e. immigration law), personal data protection, consumer protection and provision of consumer credit, including European regulation of these fields.


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Phone number
+420 773 529 312