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EU Law

The European Union law has a strong impact on everyone who engages in legal relations on the Union´s territory, and this impact continues to grow stronger. The EU law permeates virtually all aspects of our lives and business. Our top knowledge and experience with the European Union law enable us to guide you through the European law and to be a partner on which our clients may absolutely rely on. EU law offers a wide range of possibilities and guaranteed freedoms, come with us to make an efficient use of them.

We focus in particular on:

  • Adhering to the Member States´ obligations following from EU law;
  • Common internal market law (;
  • European private international law;
  • Cross-border trade in the EU;
  • Consumer protection;
  • Recognition and enforcement of judgements within the European Union;
  • Representation before the EU Court of Justice and the General Court.

We can prepare for you expert assessments and opinions on issues from the above-listed areas, provide you with consultations and legal advice, take care of communication with the authorities of the Czech Republic, other Member States as well as the European Union, and in case that even these steps do not lead to a successful solution of your problem, represent you in proceedings at courts, administrative authorities or during arbitration, including the EU Court of Justice and the General Court. We are also ready to prepare for you impact analyses of the European law´s transposition to the national legislation, or to conduct researches on the European legislation in the process of preparation.

Petr Bříza is our main expert on the European Union law. He deals with it not only in his work as a legal counsel, but also on an academic level. He is the co-author of a book titled Vnitrostátní aplikace práva Evropské unie (National Application of the European Union Law) (which received an Author Prize for the best legal publication of 2011), as well as of numerous articles in legal journals (some of them were published abroad). Petr also regularly gives presentations on EU law for public institutions and private entities. Thanks to his reputation in this area, in 2015 he was appointed as a member of the Legislative Council, European Law Commission.