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Bříza & Trubač Attorneys at Law will provide you top-quality complex services in the area of judicial, administrative and arbitration proceedings in all their phases.

We see our role in providing legal counselling which may, where possible, help you avoid disputes or at least try to solve them in a conciliatory manner, for example by means of negotiations with the opposing party, timely demand notices to debtors and also by guaranteeing your claims against debtors to avoid worsening of your creditor´s position. Where the dispute cannot be effectively avoided to reach the envisaged goal, we leave our place by your side and step out in front of you to be able to protect you if you are on the defendant´s side, or to fight an efficient fight for you in cases you appear on the plaintiff´s side. We have vast experience with various dispute merits, i.e. not only disputes on performance, but also proceedings on declaratory or status applications.

As a matter of course, our services include evaluation of your expected financial costs and potential risks linked to the running of individual types of proceedings and, consequently, recommendation of the most appropriate steps. After carefully taking into account all aspects of the case, in particular those of time, professionalism and economy, we are - even before you conclude an agreement with your business partner - also able to recommend whether it would be more convenient to a potential dispute´s solution to conduct judicial proceedings or arbitration and therefore whether to suggest to include an arbitration clause in the contract concerned.

Furthermore, we have large experience with enforcement proceedings. And that does not include only the claim´s enforcement, with the assistance of well-proven cooperating bailiffs (executors), but we also process other matters linked to the enforcement proceedings, including proposals to postpone the enforcement, proposals to terminate the enforcement, proposals for deletion from the bailiff´s inventory, representation in exemption actions proceedings if they concern objects unjustifiably included into the seized objects inventory, and other matters. If such a need arises, we are ready to provide you legal assistance also in connection with both voluntary and involuntary auctions of movable or immovable property and in other matters linked to the enforcement of judgements or seizures.


In the area of judicial, administrative and arbitration proceedings we offer in particular the following services:

  • Facts analysis in the initial phase of the dispute and recommendation of further optimal legal steps;
  • Comprehensive legal aid in all matters related to the area of judicial, administrative and arbitration proceedings;
  • Representation before courts of all instances in civil and commercial matters;
  • Representation before administrative authorities and administrative courts of all instances;
  • Representation in both national and international arbitrations;
  • Representation before financial authorities and regulatory bodies;
  • Representation during settlement negotiations and extrajudicial dispute solving;
  • Representation during enforcement of judgements and seizures as well as in the connected contentious proceedings (for example on exemption actions).